The Pros & Cons That Come With Owning a CVA Cascade

When you’re spending hundreds of dollars on a weapon, you want to get the best possible product for the money. However, if you’re a bit of a newbie, then it may all be quite hard to understand and get your head around. We aim to help you in that regard here as we look at the pros and cons of owning a CVA Cascade bolt action rifle.

As with anything, there are pluses and minuses to owning a bolt-action rifle, so now we’re going to waste no more time and dig in and give you the facts.

The Pros of Owning a CVA Cascade

Ok, so the first advantage of this CVA bolt-action rifle is just how dependable it is. That’s one of the primary advantages of this type of weapon over semi-automatic options. The reason for it’s dependability is its super-simple action that’s also quite robust and rugged. 

As such, there’s not much to wrong with a CVA Cascade, meaning that they’re much less susceptible to feed issues and misfires, although that does detectmind depend on whether you keep the weapon clean and well-maintained. 

Another advantage is the accuracy it offers, which, again, does vary depending on who’s firing it. They’re super versatile, too, being available in pretty much every size of caliber you can think of. So, what about those disadvantages?

This CVA Rifle’s Cons 

When you put a bolt action rifle into your shoulder and fire it, it can be a little much for some. That’s because the recoil of a weapon like this feels a bit like a mule, although shotguns are far worse. Fire the same size round from a bolt action and a semi-auto, and you’ll see a distinct difference in the level of felt recoil. 

Another issue for some people is the rate of fire, as a bolt action requires you to eject and reload between shots. Honestly, that’s not something you can do too much about, and if you want that kind of burst shooting, you’re gonna go for a semi-auto koiusa instead.

We feel that there’s not too many natural situations in which you’re going to need to fire 20 rounds a second. Sure, it’s nice to have that kind of firepower when you’re in a scrape, but for hunters and sport shooters, it’s not really something that’s needed.

The CVA Cascade – Reliable, Accurate & Great Value 

When everything’s weighed up, this quality bolt-action rifle made by CVA is one you can hang your hat on. It comes in at around $680 and is available in a choice of great-looking finishes (the camo is a particular favorite of ours). 

It’s not just a great-looking rifle, either, as it offers the kind of precision, reliability and ease of use that you’d expect from a well-manufactured bolt-action weapon. 

Let’s face it, we’re talking about horses for courses, meaning that you wouldn’t use a bolt-action when your life depends on being able to fire 10 rounds quickly. That said, if you’re looking for accuracy, then a bolt-action is more than sufficient for your needs.

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