Just How Good a Weapon Actually Is the Popular Hi Point 995?

It may come as little surprise that the Hi Point 995 is occasionally the butt of jokes. At a cost of just under 270 bucks, it’s a 9mm carbine that some see as a shoddily put-together. However, upon closer inspection, this budget option offers considerably more than you might realize – even at such an incredibly low price point.

Even before we start talking about its many features, you have to think about the fact that Hi Point states that they offer a lifetime replacement warranty on their weapons. No matter what the cost, that’s quite a promise that shows what kind of company we’re talking about.

So, How Good is the Hi Point 995, Actually?

At its basic level, buy hi piont 995 is a blow-back carbine that offers a bare-bones product. It comes with a number of great features that belie its price point. Even after stating that fact, you might be surprised at just how many features you get with a sub-$270 weapon, and we’re pleased to be able to enlighten you about the subject.

Its many top specs include:

  • 16.5″ -19″ Barrel Length
  • All-weather hydro-dipped polymer coating
  • Upper/lower picatinny rails
  • Threaded barrel (silencer ready)
  • Internal recoil buffer
  • Fully-adjustable stock
  • 10-shot magazine
  • 6.25 lbs in weight

So, the specs are clearly non-too-shabby, but how does it actually perform in terms of reliability, accuracy and power?

A Remarkably Reliable Weapon All Things Considered

We took the Hi Point out back and put it through its paces across a variety of distances. First off, at 25 meters, we had no issues whatsoever with accuracy or feeding. We put magazine after magazine through it, and we had no jams, no misfires or failures to eject.

Moving back to 50m from the target, we again had no issues, and accuracy was what you would expect for a good standard of AR15. Again, maybe a dozen more magazines were fired in succession with zero problems with feeding or accuracy.

Then out to 100m, it performed remarkably well, although the accuracy did start to wane over such a long distance. You want to be using a dedicated rifle over those sorts of distances, so it’s not a surprise how it fared.

Any Issues to Note?

Nothing’s ever perfect, is it? As much as we’d like to say that the 995 had no issues, there were a couple to note. Firstly, if you’re a left-hander, we’d choose a different option, the cocking handle gets right in the way, and you’ll get your arm singed by cartridges as they’re ejected.

Also, don’t invest in 3rd party extender mags because they’re garbage. Not only do they cause feeding issues, but they tend to break after just a couple of uses.

The Hi Point 995 is a Remarkable Weapon For the Price

The 995 is a great weapon, so long as you’re not expecting miracles. For what it offers, the price is amazing, as it’s feature-laden and it performs adequately where it matters. The fact that you can also share rounds with your 9mm pistol will save you money and make your gun-owning experience a much more convenient one.

As such, if you’ve got $300 burning a hole in your pocket, there are much worse ways to spend it. Just remember, though, that this baby is highly-customizable, so don’t be surprised if you start hankering for a scope, a laser and a silencer.

It’s a truly remarkable weapon from the price, with no obvious drawbacks. If aesthetics are important to you, there are other carbines available, but they will cost you a few hundred dollars more.

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