Why Disinherit Your Family Members- Is It Possible for You?

Many a time, the relationship becomes so toxic that a person may shout aloud that the other person is out of the will. Yes, it is possible to disinherit your spouse on various grounds. Moreover, it is not as complicated as you may think. All you need is to get legal advice from a knowledgeable attorney. He can suggest the best way to resolve all your property-related issues as well as your spouse’s share in this property. If things can fall into place after consulting a lawyer, you may not even need to take any steps to disinherit him or her.

Reasons to disinherit your family members

Life is full of surprises and you hardly know what comes next. The relationships may become sour due to several reasons such as dishonesty, incompatibility and others. A few reasons why you might disinherit your spouse are explained below: 

Being divorced 

If you have taken a divorce from your spouse, you can disown him or her from your property. Apart from this, if you have entered a new relationship, you must update the status of your will or estate planning. Your children from the previous marriage may hold some legal rights on your property. You must get in touch with a lawyer and get it updated.

Medical issues or status

If you have someone in your family, who needs family assistance for the rest of his or her life such as a special child, you might want to disinherit some of your family members so that this child can get financial support as and when required. It is a good idea to get in touch with a lawyer in such complex matters. He can show you the right way to do it.

Differences in financial needs

In many families, some members are doing just fine and they may not need the property of their elders while some need more of it. In such scenarios, you can inherit some of your family members and give a portion of their share to the needy one.

Being estranged

If you are estranged from a family, you might take this step because none of your view each other as someone who owes money or any property. In such a case, you can disinherit the family members by working with an attorney.

In such scenarios, only a good lawyer can help you draft the relevant legal documents and protect assets. 

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