The Committee on Child Health’s Definition of Health

A child’s health is the degree to which they can develop normally, fulfill their needs, and engage successfully in life’s experiences. Children with special needs typically require more medical care than a typically developing child. The committee’s definition includes a variety of impairments that can range in severity from mild to severe. The main areas for consideration are breathing, digestion/metabolism, and blood circulation. In addition, children with disabilities may need special aids to hear and speak properly.

Illness and mortality must be reduced by integrating effective healthcare systems

The World Health Organization and the PAHO promote integrated approaches to child health. The Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) Strategy is a program geared towards caring for young children. The goal is to reduce morbidity and mortality by integrating the most effective health measures. The goal of IMCI is to improve children’s quality of life and prevent illnesses that affect their development. The journal’s goals are to help children live healthy lives and be healthy as adults.

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The Committee on Child Health was asked to create a conceptual definition of health. It sought a holistic, integrative, and scientifically sound definition of the term. This definition would provide a foundation for measuring and improving the health of children. The results were similar to those of a recent collaborative effort among 15 European countries. These efforts highlight the importance of a comprehensive approach to child health. They have also outlined how to measure the impact of policies and programs on the lives of children.

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