Mint Protein Bars – What’s the Best Time to Eat Them?

It’s very common to see fitness enthusiasts and athletes chowing down on a protein bar in those moments between their physical activity. This is because products like mint protein bars offer long-lasting energy, appetite suppression and more, making the job of being fit and healthy that much easier and tastier.

The fact that protein bars are great for fitness is not up for debate, as they’ve been popular in gyms for years. However, one point of contention that does exist is when they should be eaten. Some think in the morning, while others think differently. But who’s right? That’s why we try to clarify now. 

So, When’s the Best Time to Eat Mint Protein Bars?

We’ll get straight to and say that, in our opinion, by far the best time to eat protein bars is directly after you’ve worked out – wherever that may be. This opinion, however, is based on scientific evidence, as it’s the best possible moment due to your muscles and tendons needing the protein they provide.

That said, if you were to eat one 1-2 hours before you go to the gym, it will give you a nice top-up that will give you energy FOR your workout. So, you can see why there is a difference in opinion depending on who you ask. However, we still feel it’s better after you’ve damaged your muscles by working out. 

Don’t eat it any closer to working out, however, or your body won’t have yet metabolised your mint protein bars, and you might end up feeling light-headed and cramping up. 

You’ve Still Got Just a 1-Hour Window After Working Out

Also, when we talk about eating a protein bar after working out, partyguise there is a small window of opportunity that you must take in order to give your muscles the fuel they need. This is referred to as the ‘anabolic window’, and if you miss it, you’ll still benefit from it, but the protein won’t be there for muscle repair when it’s needed, meaning it may take you a day or so longer to recover. 

They’re Not Just For Bodybuilders, Either!

Some may tell you that protein bars are the sole preserve of bodybuilders, but the truth is that anyone can benefit from them. Whether you’re an endurance athlete, into team sports or just need help in controlling your hunger pangs, the same advantages are on offer. 

High-Quality Mint Protein Bars Are For Everyone!

Protein bars are super convenient, rich in the nutrients and protein your body needs to operate, and they’re incredibly tasty to boot. Don’t assume that they’re not for you because, as we’ve seen, lifestylefun they’re for anyone who needs to lose weight, add muscle or stay away from high-sugar, high-carb snacks. 

Just remember that not every bar you’ll find on the market will offer the same high levels of nutrients. There are some that are more like candy bars than anything else, so be sure to do your research and find a product like those offered by companies like Probar. Find the right factnewsph bars for you, and you’ll usually find working out and dieting a less traumatic experience.

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