Answering FAQs About Face Wash With Benzoyl Peroxide

Millions of people suffer from acne every day across America, but thankfully, products like face wash with benzoyl peroxide are available to stem the tide of your persistent breakouts. However, if you’re new to this kind of product, you’ve likely got a few questions to ask on the subject.

With this in mind, we now look at some of the most common questions we get asked about acne and how it’s treated with BP wash products. So, let’s dive straight in!

Q – How Do I Know If I Need Face Wash With Benzoyl Peroxide?

A – Well, if you’ve got persistent acne – that’s pretty much all you need to know. Persistent breakouts can be a misery, but you don’t have to put up with them unnecessarily. Should you have spots, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads that just won’t quit, there’s more than an average chance you need a BP wash in your life.

Q – Are All BP Washes the Same Strength?

A – Actually, no, they’re not. Everyone has different skin, with different levels of sensitivity. As such, you can’t use the same strength of product on every person’s complexion. You’ve got 2.5% products for the most sensitive skin, 4% products and 10% products at the top end of the scale. Finding the right one for you will require you to start low and work up if you have to. 

Q – Can Everyone Use Benzoyl Peroxide?

A – Most people can use face wash with benzoyl peroxide, so long as it’s done with caution. That way you can use it knowing you’re overdoing it. The only people who shouldn’t use BP washes are those with an allergy to benzoyl peroxide – which is quite a low percentage of the public. 

Q – Will My Breakouts Stop Immediately?

A – No, they won’t. The task of allowing your skin to recover takes time, as the product needs to get down beneath the skin to clear out blocked hair follicles. Typically speaking, you’re looking at around 6-8 weeks until you notice significant changes to your complexion. Along the way, you’ll notice a gradual, but distinct change – but you will still breakouts, however, they tend to diminish slightly every day. 

Q – Can I Use More Than One BP Product Together?

A – Your dermatologist will tell you that using more than one BP product simultaneously is not a good idea, as it’s only going to irritate your skin. There are other complementary products on the market, but they don’t contain benzoyl peroxide. Do so and you’re just asking for red, inflamed skin. 

Q – Is Daily Cleansing Before Application Necessary?

A – Absolutely. If you don’t, you’re not giving the product enough of a chance to work. Your BP wash needs a clean slate so that it can do its best work. Fail to clean and you’re just making it harder for yourself and it will mean your skin’s recovery takes longer. 

Face Wash With Benzoyl Peroxide Works For Millions

Using BP wash correctly is key to getting the promised results. Always be sure to read the instructions properly before use and listen to what your skin is telling you e.g. if it gets too sore, back off or if it’s not working, up the strength/frequency.

Millions of people have already benefited greatly from BP washes and are enjoying clearer skin as a result. Follow the guidelines laid out here and that can be you. 

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