What is chin and nose filler scraping?

Who has ever injected liquid or liquid silicone known as “fillers” whether on the chin or nose If you choose an unsafe clinic use fake fillers What follows is infectious inflammation or make the chin and nose deformed from the original until the filler has to be scraped off But…what is chin, nose scraping, does it hurt, is it dangerous? And if you want to scrape the filler out, which clinic should you choose? Today we have answers from medical professionals to leave each other.

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What is filler scraping?

For those who want a beautiful chin A prominent nose can be obtained with a simple surgical procedure. It doesn’t take long, doesn’t hurt much, sometimes doesn’t bruise, doesn’t swell, doesn’t require recovery. and see results immediately. I usually choose a filler injection method as the main. But there are also many cases that use non-standard fillers. because it is cheap and sees results immediately but when used continuously It often causes deformation of the face. Infection and inflammation, at worst, can lead to necrosis. and the fibrosis in that area Until finally, it has to be corrected by “Scrape the filler”

The scraping of chin, nose fillers is a solution to the problem of inflamed skin caused by filler injections. dissatisfied with the shape or the formation of a fascia from a deteriorated filler But if the fake filler island is fibrous May have to have surgery instead.

Where to scrape filler?

Actually, fillers can be scraped anywhere. But most often there is a problem of fillers that do not disintegrate naturally, so they need to be scraped often, such as chin, nose, forehead, under the eyes, cheeks, face, etc. It is called if there is a problem of filler flow, sag, deformity, a hard lump. from fake filler injections or in case of wanting to change to silicone augmentation instead, such as the nose and chin area, the filler must be scraped off first.

Is scraping the filler dangerous?

The risk that will occur depends on the problem of each patient, for example, the filler may adhere to the skin until a membrane is formed, so some parts cannot be scraped off completely. For some people, if the fillers are gone It will only scrape the fascia that was born to replace the filler that used to be only, so the best way. should see a doctor for a doctor to help assess whether the existing filler be scraped off? This is for safety. And does not cause problems for the skin in the long run as well.

How to fix lumpy fillers

In addition to scraping the filler This is a suitable method for those who have injected filler into a non-hyaluronic acid lump (Hyaluronic Acid: HA), a filler that cannot be dissolved by itself. or as a semi-permanent type of filler This makes it unable to disintegrate naturally, such as Polyamine (Aqualift), Hydrofilic gel (but will not be able to be completely scraped off 100%). which are detailed as follows:

– filler dissolution injection It is a method of using enzyme hyaluronidase. (Hyarulonidase: HYAL) is a type of enzyme that is responsible for breaking up lumps or tumors or abnormal lumps that occur in the body. The doctor will calculate the amount of drug to be injected. From the amount of filler injected to how many CC to get the right amount of dissolving drug After injecting fillers, the skin will gradually collapse until smooth. Able to disintegrate 100% genuine fillers

– Surgical removal of fillers It is a way to fix liquid silicone fillers. That is a very large and hard lump. Or stay for a long time until there are many islands with a lot of fascia but with nerve risks important veins Therefore, it is safest to consult a medical professional before surgery.

How to prevent fillers from clumping

The correct method of injecting fillers without fear of being a lump should follow the following principles:

– Should choose filler injections only at clinics that use genuine fillers which can ask to see the brand or filler information from the clinic to be inspected before making a decision to inject fillers

– Choose a filler that is suitable for the point that needs to be corrected, such as nose filler injection. chin filler injections

– Choose a clinic that offers filler injection services correctly The clinic must be legally registered and can be inspected.

– Access services directly with a specialist doctor

– Doctors and staff can educate and consulting Ready to give advice both before and after the procedure without leaving the case

Care after the filler scraping

After scraping the filler Follow this advice. to make the wound heal more quickly

– During the first few days, there may be swelling or bruising. Make a cold compress on the swelling area. After about 1-2 weeks it will start in place.

– Try not to touch, pick, peel, or scratch the area where the filler has been scraped off.

– Refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol for 1-2 months

– Take complete antibiotics as prescribed by the doctor

– Visit the doctor according to the appointment

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