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Valance Clips

Valance clips are used to attach a valance to the blind. The most common types of valance clips are C-shaped, Hidden Valance Clips, Slotted Grove, and Venetian blinds. There are many different styles of VALANCE CAPS available. They are all made from plastic and vary in size and appearance. You should measure your blinds before ordering VALANCE CAPS to ensure they fit properly.

Valance clips are easy to install and remove

Valance clips are easy to install and remove. They come with a set screw and are a very inexpensive alternative to valance hooks. You can also use magnets instead of a VALANCE Clamp. The magnetic valance clip is easy to attach and comes with one mounting screw. If you have a wooden VALANCE, you can purchase a strong magnetic VALANCE Clamp to replace plastic VALANCE Clamps.

The most popular style of valence clamp

The most popular style of Valance Clamps is ‘C’-shaped. It snaps over the headrail of a horizontal blind valance and mounts it securely. This type of VALANCE Clamp can be used with Facade Valance. They can be found in woodgrain or smooth finish. The VALANCE Clamp can also be used for ‘C-shaped’ valances.


When you’re installing valance Clamps, you should first measure your VALANCE and headrail length. Make sure your headrail is at least one inch wider than your VALANCE. If you’re installing a valance on a window that is more than a few inches tall, then you need a VALANCE with a 4″ headrail, and a 3-inch height. If your VALANCE is wider than this, you’ll need to add a 4″ VALANCE Clamp.

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