Kids Mineral Sunscreen – 5 Tips On How to Use It Properly

Having children is a challenge in itself due to the sheer amount of things you need to focus on so your little ones grow up right. One of those challenges is sun protection and, as any parent who’s tried will attest to, getting your children to sit still while you apply kids mineral sunscreen, so it can be tough.

In this article, we aim to make that job easier by giving you a number of tips on how to practice sun safety in the least stressful way possible. 

#1 – Make a Game of Applying Kids Mineral Sunscreen 

The problem with sunscreen and kids is that children often think of putting it on as something of a chore – hence the reason they baulk when you try and get them involved. However, if you can make a game of it, by maybe putting a time limit on it or seeing who can finish first, you add an essential element of fun that will get the job done. 

#2 – Never Consider Anything Other Than Mineral Brands

Another way you can tip the balance in your favor is by only ever buying kids mineral sunscreen, rather than chemical brands. That’s because they work from the moment they’re applied, meaning there’s no waiting around for up to 30 minutes so that they’re properly protected from the word go. Not having to cope with that delay for going out can make all the difference. 

#3 – Water Washes Sunscreen Off – So Beware!

An important factor that needs to be considered is that water is essentially the enemy of sunscreen. For example, if your child jumps in the pool, it will wash off – unless it’s a product that offers water resistance. Even if you do, they only work for up to 80 minutes. It’s simple, if they go in the water or the sea, reapply straight away when they come out.

#4 – Don’t Forget About Hats & Sunglasses 

When it gets particularly hot outside, there’s nothing wrong with supplementing your child’s sunscreen with some well-chosen hats, tops and sunglasses. Your sunscreen will suffice, but when you back it up with loose-fitting, tight-knit tops that offer extra protection. 

#5 – Kids Can Get Burnt in the Car Too! 

Any trip you make to the beach starts the moment you leave home. You might feel like it doesn’t begin until you’re actually on the beach, but the fact the sun comes through windows means protection is needed from that point. As such, you should always apply sunscreen before you go outside, even if that’s initially straight into the car.

Know That Your Kids Mineral Sunscreen Is Working Well

If you buy the best brands and use them as you should, then you should have no issues with sunburn from that point onwards. However, if you want to be extra sure, follow the tips as shown above, and you’ll find that those frowns that come when sunburn arises never happen. 

It’s not rocket science, as it just requires you to understand that the sun is relentless and will burn you if you don’t take the right precautions. Take them as we’ve described, and you’ll get the reassurance that your kids are getting the support they need. 

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