How to Waterproof Your Textile Motorcycle Jacket

If you’re wondering how to waterproof your textile motorcycle jacket, you’re not alone. Many people ask the same question. This article will show you how to apply a DWR coating to your motorcycle clothing and keep it waterproof for years to come. First, make sure your fabric is clean and dry. Then, apply a DWR coating according to the manufacturer’s directions. After applying the waterproofing product, allow the jacket to dry naturally.

Always check the instructions to make sure it is waterproof

Textile motorcycle gear is made of modern fabrics, such as nylon, polyester and lycra. Some of these fabrics require hand washing while others can be machine-washed and tumble-dried. Regardless of how you wash your garment, always check the instructions to make sure it’s waterproof. There are some materials that require heat to reactivate their waterproofing molecules, but you can still use a hair dryer to zap out wrinkles.


A good waterproof motorcycle jacket will protect you and your gear. It should also be breathable, so that you can wear it in the rain. The fabric that is used to make this jacket is made of polyester. These materials are very light and comfortable. If you are worried about being wet, you should choose a textile jacket made of a durable material. A good quality leather motorcycle jacket is more likely to last longer. But you may still have to make some changes to the design and color.

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