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HealthTap offers a number of services that help consumers stay healthy. The company also helps large employers reduce healthcare costs and improve employee wellness.

Its telehealth platform provides 24/7 access to Online doctor and AI-augmented health questions, which explain symptoms and provide guidance. It also allows customers to save and share consultation comments, test results, and prescriptions with several providers.

Free virtual consultations

HealthTap services provide consumers with a way to receive care via video, voice, and text. The company offers a free service for people to ask their questions to a doctor network, and a premium subscription for $99 per month that allows them to see doctors live on demand through its iOS app.

The company also offers a free subscription for medical interpreters to help patients who speak different languages. It contracts with interpreters in 21 languages, including American Sign Language and Spanish, Russian and Mandarin.

Gutman said the company aims to serve more than a billion people worldwide with its telehealth services. It has licensed physicians in 170 countries, and it works with them to exchange expertise.

In an effort to help those in the hurricane impacted regions, HealthTap is offering free primary care virtual consultations for a week. It will rally thousands of top physicians on its network to help residents in need get immediate care.

24/7 access to a doctor

HealthTap services provide 24/7 access to board-certified doctors through video and text chat. They also offer prescriptions, referrals, and medical tests.

Members can also receive a personalized plan and reminders. However, this service is not meant for life-threatening situations or emergencies.

To use the telehealth platform, members need to have a smartphone or computer with an internet connection. The company recommends a fast 3G or 400Kbps+ connection for video consultations, though slower connections are thestarsfact available.

HealthTap offers a variety of healthcare services to treat children’s, men’s, women’s, and sexual health, mental and behavioral health, travel medicine, chronic care, senior care, wellness, and prevention. The company’s doctors specialize in a variety of conditions and have received extensive training in their fields.

Free general health questions

HealthTap services are a good way for people to get information on their health problems without having to pay a fortune. Users can ask general questions from doctors that are often answered within 24 hours or less.

The website boasts a massive database that contains hundreds of thousands of questions asked by its members. These queries are matched to expert doctors who can give advice on a variety of health issues.

Doctors also have the opportunity to earn a secondary income by participating on the site and answering patient questions. It is a win-win situation for both parties and helps them build their credibility, attract new patients and improve the quality of care they offer.

The app’s newest feature, Talk to Docs, uses artificial intelligence and voice recognition technology to read and understand your question in a way that most people would think is impossible. The app then determines and displays the best doctor answer for you.


HealthTap services offer a variety of ways to get a prescription, including video visits with doctors, text chats and e-prescriptions. The company also offers a free library of questions and answers from other patients and a community of physicians.

Doctors who sign up for HealthTap have undergone independent testing and auditing, ensuring that they have an active medical license and have been board-certified in their field. Their specialized knowledge is available to millions of users through the company’s 147-specialty network of over 90,000 U.S.-licensed doctors, including cardiologists.

HealthTap Prime members can save on their prescriptions with ScriptHero, a discount program that offers an average of 74% savings on commonly used drugs. They can use their ScriptHero coupon when they visit their local pharmacy.

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