Complementary Feeding Is Not Necessary For Successful Weaning

You may have been told by your baby’s doctor that your child must have a period of complementary feeding before he can be weaned successfully. But the facts are that this period is not necessary. If you follow some simple guidelines, your child will be successful in weaning. Here are some tips to make weaning easier for your child. Continue reading to learn about the different phases of the weaning process and how to make it successful for your baby.

Make baby food in a mixture of soft, tender and hard foods

During the first year, your baby will be introduced to a variety of complementary foods. While some babies will reject them the first time, they will usually accept them the next time. Ensure that you give your baby a mix of soft, lumpy, and solid foods that match their developmental stage. For example, babies younger than six months don’t have complete gastrointestinal maturity, nor do they have full muscle coordination or chewing abilities. Their immune systems are still immature, so they can be easily sick from contaminated food.


As your baby grows, your child will gradually transition to a diet rich in family foods. As he gets older, he will be ready to start eating solid food. When he is six months old, you can introduce some soft foods and your child will be able to eat them more reliably. Until then, you should try to feed your baby a variety of different foods so that his immune system can develop properly.

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