Children’s Environmental Health Center

The Finger Lakes Children’s Environmental Health Center offers resources for parents and children about various environmental health risks. The center is funded by the New York State Department of Health. They offer information on environmental exposures, including pollution and air pollution, as well as other common toxins. In addition, they offer resources for pregnant and lactating women and those who are considering pregnancy. In addition, they provide information for people who have questions about the health risks associated with various substances.

Environmental health of children is important

The environmental health of children is important because they breathe and eat more than adults do. They often put things in their mouths, explore the environment, and play on the floor. Their bodies still do not have the protective systems that adults have to process pollutants and chemicals in the body. Therefore, exposure to toxic chemicals in the environment during childhood is especially dangerous for their development. Moreover, children’s lungs and immune systems are not fully developed, so their body cannot handle these hazards well.


Environmental hazards can be harmful to the health of children. Researches have shown that young children are most vulnerable to environmental risks. While children make up about 10% of the world’s population, their health is a major concern worldwide. There are several long-term and emerging risks that can negatively impact their lives. The goal is to provide safe and healthy environments for all. To achieve this, the health sector needs to do its part. By educating and training health care providers, the health sector can make a significant difference.

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